§ 19-7-7


Miss. Code Ann. § 19-7-7  (2017)

19-7-7. Insurance on county property

The board of supervisors may have the courthouse, jail and other buildings of the county, the furniture thereof, the books of the county, and the personal property of the county, insured against loss by fire, cyclone and tornado, and other hazards. The board of supervisors may carry steam boiler, plate glass and other miscellaneous casualty insurance against loss of county property, as in the discretion of the board of supervisors may seem proper. The cost thereof shall be paid out of the county treasury.

The boards of supervisors of two (2) or more counties may pool their risks under this section and may provide for the purchase of one or more policies of property insurance, or the establishment of a self-insurance fund or self-insurance reserves, or any combination thereof. The cost of participation shall be paid out of the general fund of the county. The administration and service of any such self-insurance program shall be contracted to a third party and approved by the Commissioner of Insurance.

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