§ 39-3-1

Miss. Code Ann. § 39-3-1

Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated

39-3-1. Establishment of libraries by counties and municipalities
It is hereby declared to be the policy of this state to allow and promote the establishment and development of free public library service throughout this state as a part of its provisions for public education. “Public library” shall mean a library which provides customary services, without charge, to all the residents of a county, city or region and is supported whole or in part by public funds. Reasonable reimbursements may be collected for special library services provided these are determined in advance and in writing by the administrative board of trustees.   The board of supervisors of any county in the State of Mississippi, or other governing bodies of the counties of this state, and municipalities and towns, through their governing bodies, may establish and maintain or aid in establishing and maintaining free public libraries for the use of the citizens of the respective counties, municipalities or towns, either separately or in connection with free public libraries already established therein. For said purpose said governing body may acquire the necessary real estate either by purchase, gift or donation and may erect the necessary buildings thereon.


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