§ 39-3-107


Miss. Code Ann. § 39-3-107  (2017)

39-3-107. General powers and duties of commission

The Mississippi Library Commission, upon request, shall give advice to all schools, public and other libraries, and to all communities which may propose to establish them, as to the best means of establishing and maintaining such libraries, the selection of books, cataloging and other details of library management. It may also purchase and operate traveling libraries, and circulate such traveling libraries within the state among communities, libraries, schools, colleges, universities, library associations, study clubs, charitable and penal institutions free of cost, except for transportation, and establish county and regional libraries and use any funds, separate and apart from the general library commission funds, which might come into its custody from any source, for such purpose, and for the purpose of establishing, stimulating, increasing, improving and equalizing library service in the various counties within the state, under such rules for safekeeping, preservation, care, handling of the books and allocation of the funds as may be fixed by the commission. It may publish such lists and circulars of information as it shall deem necessary, and it may also conduct a summer school of library instruction and a clearinghouse for periodicals for free gifts to local libraries. The commission shall each year obtain from all libraries in the state reports showing the condition, growth, development and manner of conducting such libraries, together with such other facts and statistics regarding the same as may be deemed of public interest by the commission, and it shall be the duty of the board of the Mississippi Library Commission to make an annual report to the Legislature of the facts of public interest and value in relation to the work of the commission. The Mississippi Library Commission shall adopt rules and regulations relative to the allocation of state aid funds to public library systems.

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